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The Fight For Our Future

Everyday, Black Liberation grows more necessary. Fortunately, there are some among us who are actively and passionately building a world where Black people are free. 

This initiative will provide a one-time $750 direct payment to up to eight Black organizers based in the occupied United States. These organizers should work in at least one of the following specialties:

Breaking Up Big Tech
  • Organizers in this field recognize and are fighting against the dangers Big Tech presents, including (among other things) artificial intelligence, disinformation, deep fakes, data mining, and digital kidnapping

Climate Justice
  • Organizers here are approaching our new world through implementation of a just transition, and are holding corporations fully responsible for the climate disaster.

    Organizers could also be responding to the needs of Black climate refugees, and disruptions to Black lands through mining, deforestation, and other corporate disruptions.

Democracy Restoration
  • Organizers are doing the long and tedious work of restoring Black and multiracial representative democracy.

    Restoration could include getting dark money out of politics, building robust structural fixes to elections and access to them, and fighting the blatantly anti-Black wave of voting restrictions

Media Justice and Knowledge Institution-Building
  • Organizers in this specialty are building Black-directed media institutions and are covering current and historical events in ways that center Black expression and thought. 

    In this field, building institutions for knowledge involves creating resourced vessels for Black analyses in ways that bridge theory and practice, and are deeply concerned with honest accounts of what it will take to achieve Black Liberation.

Police and Prison Abolition
  • Organizers involved in abolition are normalizing and legitimizing defunding police, prison, and related institutions. Organizers are also providing workable alternatives to policing and prisons.

    Many here could also be involved in bail abolition and direct service for returned Black people.

Reparations and Wealth Redistribution
  • Organizers are tirelessly normalizing reparations through direct payments and/or land to Black people in restitution of enslavement and labor theft. Organizers could also function in ways that normalize wealth redistribution through a specific and explicit focus on enslavement specific to Black people.

Black organizers based in the US and working in at least one of these specialties are welcome to apply. If selected, the organizer will agree to these terms of accountability.
Applicants must have an active Facebook profile.
Awards are given on a first-come basis, so early applications are strongly advised.
Delivery of payment is only doled through CashApp, VenMo, PayPal, or Zelle. No other method of delivery is available at this time.
We are no longer accepting applications.
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